Tuesday, 17 January 2012

A Year of Hungarian hardcore/punk/whatever scene (2011)

01-Dance or Die - Kelts Bennem Undort!
02-Youth Violence - Cadaver
03-WSWRS - Disztopia
04-Karst - Halando
05-Human Error - D-Btem
06-Fuseism - He's Dead Jim
07-The Tartuffe Plan - Permanent Loser
08-PFA - Bridge
09-Hands Off! - Carpe Diem,anyad
10-Formyfriends - Ghost World
11-Mind Your Step - Can't Be Positive
12-Rakosi - Vegrendelet
13-Discriminated - Shity City
14-Teveszme - Remenyszenzorok
15-Wolf Shaped Clouds - Remember The Ghost
16-Look,It's a Giraffe - There's a party going on ant you're not invited
17-New Dead Proejct - Ket nap az elet

A Compilation with many great Hungarian Bands ! Enjoy !